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What We Do!

We create high impact multi-channel marketing campaigns (direct mail & digital) that outperform your competitors and generate increased demand and sales.

Direct Mail

Targeting your audience, creation of piece using our proven direct response marketing formula, track and optimize

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Create highly responsive ad creative, retargeting campaign, integrate with direct mail, target audience

Google Adwords

Create highly responsive search and display ads, select search keywords, optimize for conversion

Web &. Landing Page Design

Create a dynamic website or landing page with content that delivers clear messaging & optimized for conversion.

Monthly SEO

Build your organic search rankings with link building and content. Increase visibility to get found.

Optimization & Conversion

We optimize your website and landing page for conversion using direct response marketing and A/B testing

Case Studies

7% Return-to-Site Rate • 137 New Leads • $224 per lead

This business is looking for real leads who are interested in an outdoor or indoor major home remodel and upgrade. For these kinds of service businesses – with contracts in the tens of thousands of dollars – the cost-per-lead becomes a key metric, as does the number of leads.

An Integrated digital & direct mail Retargeting campaign assuming a lead close rate is 10%, a program that drives in 137 leads – at $224 per lead – delivers 13 new customers at a cost of about $30,000. That might seem like a lot…but if a contract averages $20,000, that’s $260,000 in revenue, or about 8.5x Return on Ad Spend.

7.3% Return-to-Site Rate • 5% Lead Conversion Rate • $16.77 per lead

This business deploys digital retargeting through display and social media, so the concept of ‘retargeting’ wasn’t new. The challenge was making that retargeting more effective.

With a solid close rate once a lead was captured, and a customer value in the tens of thousands of dollars once a loan was secured, when Postcard Retargeting showed a cost-per-lead right under $17, it was a game-changing metric.  

They’ve been running the program since late 2018, and continue to see high Return on Ad Spend.

38% Return-to-Site Rate • $2.29 per Return Visitor

This community college is looking to make sure that when a visitor comes to the site, they come back. 98% of visitors leave a website after their first visit without engaging a contact form. The goal of the site, then, is to maintain engagement when the user comes back. That means the goal of the retargeting efforts is bringing visitors back in again.

Postcard & Facebook Retargeting made a very effective campaign in  reminding visitors why they went to the site in the first place…and in bringing them back.

14% Return-to-Site Rate • 120 New Leads

Fitness clubs are about new memberships. Memberships are the wellspring of recurring revenue, new referrals, and ongoing customer value. A single new customer or lead is the fuel to business health and revenue.

This fitness business has multiple locations, which is perfect for Direct Mail & Facebook Retargeting. We can segment by Zip Code, and even have different creative and contact information for multiple locations.

This model applies to franchises, too, or any multi-location service brand.

Auto dealerships face so much stiff competition, and the variety of websites to promote new and used cars is overwhelming – for the dealerships and the consumers.

Direct Mail Postcard Retargeting in conjunction with a  Facebook campaign helps separate dealerships from the digital noise by sending physical mail to the homes of interested buyers. The physical card hangs around, reminding the recipient to go back to the site…and come in for a test drive.

And, with final sales being in the tens of thousands of dollars, dealerships can afford to reach highly qualified and interested leads.

23% Return-to-Site Rate • 2.5% Order Conversion Rate

This brand has a product array designed for specific businesses, and enables their buyer to order online. The B2B Product eCommerce space is growing, and most of these brands are very niche in what they sell and who they sell to. And, those buyers are expecting to reach their decision-making on their terms.

Studies show that 73% of B2B eCommerce buyers are Millennials, who show high response rates with direct mail. The combination of digital & direct mail to B2B eCommerce buyers is a win for brands looking to increase their website conversions.

Steps & Results For Direct Mail &Digital Integration

Setup dedicated landing page and tracking

Send direct mail piece

Launch Facebook ad campaign targeting mail recipients

Retarget web visitors

Track, analyze & optimize


Higher Conversion Rate


Increase in Consumer Spending


Higher Recall of Brand


Increase in Response Rate

What To Expect

Proven Ad Copy

We use a tested and proven results-oriented ad copy for all consumer-facing marketing. Using elements of direct response our marketing campaigns generate a higher return than your competitors.

Transparent ROI Tracking

We track all marketing campaigns for response, conversion and ROI.

Targeting and Segmentation

We create your customer profile and create targeted lists based on segmented characteristics such as demographics, behavior, psychographics, and geography.

Optimization & Conversion

We aim to optimize for conversion as we go along in order to maximize response, conversion, sales and ROI.